quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014

Novas Cartas - Raging Master

Bom dia pessoal.Hoje saiu novas cartas do Raging Master,já que quase tudo das cartas foram reveladas desse Pack,hoje só foram lançadas mais duas.Confira abaixo

DDD Managment

DDD Resource Managment
Normal Trap Card
Return 3 “DD” monsters from your hand, field or Graveyard or “DD” cards in your Pendulum Zones to the Deck, then you can add 2 “DD” monsters from your Deck to your hand

alkyrie no Keiyakusho.
You can only use the (1) effect of “Contract with the Dark Witch” once per turn.
Send 1 “DD” or “Covenant” card from your hand to the Graveyard, then target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.
Fiend-Type monsters you control gain 1000 ATK during your opponent’s turn
  uring your Standby Phase: You take 1000 damage.

É isso pessoal.

See Ya

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