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Quest Level 4 - Duel Arena

Olá Pessoal,na Manutenção de Hoje do Duel Arena ele Veio Com Novos Partners e o Nivel 4 das Quests.
os Novos Partners do Jogo São:

Get ready for a Duel with the Neo-Spacian Grand Mole!
Assemble! Neo-Spacians"Now you have to fight us, the Neo-Spacians! Watch out for my wild charge!"

Opponent’s Win Percentage 21.5%

Get ready for a Duel with the Junk Synchron!
Synchro Synchro
"I'm Junk Synchron. A Tuner monster.
My deck is packed out with loads of Synchro Monsters. I'm gonna Summon one powerful Synchro Monster after another!"

Opponent’s Win Percentage 36.8%

Get ready for a Duel with the Morphtronic Celfon!
Morphing Morphtronics!
"I'm Morphtronic Celfon!
Now you'll face the Morphtronics! Watch out for our effects that change depending on display type!"
Opponent’s Win Percentage 35.2%

Get ready for a Duel with the Sunny Pixie
Sunny the Magician
"I'm Sunny Pixie! With the help of my kitty I tune my Spellcaster allies! A Synchro Summon will settle this!"

Opponent’s Win Percentage10.5%

Get ready for a Duel with the Dark Resonator!
Resonant Resonators
"We're the Resonators (Chiiiing!)
Fiend Tuners (Chiiiing!)
We'll Tune that red guy too! (Oh yeah!)"

Opponent’s Win Percentage 31.3%

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